Winter Weather Awareness Week

Winter Weather Awareness Week

29Jan14 Snow Day-33In order to provide awareness and information to help everyone in the State of South Carolina prepare for severe winter weather, in an effort to minimize the loss of life and property during the winter months, Governor Haley has proclaimed November 30 – December 6, 2014 as Winter Weather Awareness Week. This week has been set aside to assist families in preparing for the effects of severe winter weather such as offering information on stocking up on extra emergency supplies and reviewing family safety plans.

Many homes and businesses are affected by severe winter weather every year. Understanding the threat of winter weather and preparing in advance can minimize the impact an area faces when winter weather occurs. Edgefield County Emergency Management is working with many local, state and federal resources to make sure our citizens are prepared and have as many resources available as possible should winter weather affect our area.

South Carolina is vulnerable to various types of severe winter weather including cold temperatures, snow, ice storms and freezing rain. Winter weather can cause injury and death through hypothermia, frost bite and increased risk of heart attacks, traffic accidents and other causes. Severe winter weather can also interrupt electrical and communication services to homes, schools and businesses.

According to the State of South Carolina’s Governor’s Office the ice storm that occurred in February 2014 resulted in more than 364,000 electrical outages and more than $260 million in damages throughout the State of South Carolina.

As part of Winter Weather Awareness Week the Edgefield County Emergency Management Office is providing free Severe Winter Weather in South Carolina resource guides that can be found at the County Administration Office, Town Halls, Edgefield County Library, Edgefield County Hospital, the County Chamber of Commerce and the Emergency Management Agency offices. If you have any questions about the information provided in the guide or would like to request additional information please contact the EMA office at 803-637-2123.