Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Two Area Churches Burglarized

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to Gilgal Baptist Church and Liberty Springs Church, Sunday, Jan. 4, after it was discovered the two had been burglarized sometime between Saturday, Jan. 3, and Sunday morning. An estimated $8,000 worth of sound equipment was stolen from Gilgal. Additionally, in trying to enter this church, thieves damaged two doors, a window, and a gun safe kept at the scene. The value of the damaged items was given as nearly $4,000. Evidence was collected from this scene, and the ECSO is investigating this crime.

At Liberty Springs Church, it was determined that sound equipment as well as a computer and projector were stolen. These items were estimated to be worth $3,000. Additionally, it was discovered that approximately $500 worth of damage was caused to an inside door that had been pried open. This scene was also processed by the ECSO, and the investigation is ongoing.

Employee Steals Over $2,000 Worth of Items From Urban Outfitters

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to Urban Outfitters in Trenton, Friday, Jan.2, in reference to an employee stealing merchandise from the manufacturer. Upon arriving, law enforcement was informed that an employee had admitted to stealing items from the business, even providing a written statement to the company’s Loss Prevention Department. In a Restitution Agreement, the employee had agreed to return the items on Friday, Jan. 2, but had failed to do so. Among the items stolen were 7 pairs of Rayband sunglasses, 3 G-Shock watches, 3 Stussey shirts, 3 Stussey hats, 1 pair of Timberland boots, and 3 pairs of socks. The total value of the stolen items was given as $2,350.

Management from the company did provide law enforcement with copies of the employee’s written confession, the restitution agreement, and a copy of the employee’s Facebook page where the suspect had listed the items for sale. This case had been turned over to the investigative unit of the ECSO.

Thieves Steal Trenton Man’s Crops

A Trenton farmer reported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Wednesday, Dec. 31, that thieves had stolen crops from his garden on Woodyard Road. The man found eleven heads of collards and 4 heads of cabbage had been taken from the scene. The total estimated value of the crops was listed as $45. Footprints in the row of crops as well as tire tracks were found at the scene. The area has been placed on extra patrol.