Principal of STHS Terminated

Principal of STHS Terminated

– By Tiffani Ireland –

February 24, 2015 – Dr. Robert B. Ross, principal of Strom Thurmond High School, was terminated from his position Friday, Feb. 20. Dr. Ross, who replaced former principal Jill Jett, had been with the school since the beginning of this school year.

Greg Anderson, Superintendent for the Edgefield County School District, spoke with The Advertiser on Tuesday regarding the firing. He said that while the district appreciates the contributions Dr. Ross has made to the school, this was the best time of year to let Dr. Ross go so he could have an opportunity to secure another position and the district would have time to fill his position. Anderson stated the search for Ross’s replacement would begin “immediately.” Anderson also said that it is possible a new principal could be named to Strom Thurmond before the end of the year. However, he said that person would not assume duties at the school until the next school term.

As the district looks for a new principal for Strom Thurmond, Anderson said they have “put together a solid team” to run the school through the end of the school year. That team is comprised of Arthur Northrop, Director of the Strom Thurmond Career Center, and Lewis Scott, Assistant Principal at Strom Thurmond, who are acting as co-interim principals. They will be assisted by Josh Black, Assistant Principal at Strom Thurmond.

Anderson said the focus for the district and the school is on the future. He said the goals of increased graduation rates and increased scholarships for students are still of utmost importance to the school. “Our priority is our students,” Anderson said. He went on to say, “We are doing everything we can because we put students first.”