Friends of the Library

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

As a member of the library staff, I would like to thank the Friends of the Library for their continued support both morally and financially.  Without them, there are projects we could not do.  But in addition to the FOL, I would like to thank the other members of our staff who make the library run smoothly.  Caroline Carpenter Wise is an excellent colleague.  She is fun to work with, but more so, an inspired individual.  She not only has increased the FOL book sale with her organizational skills, but she runs the LEGO and American Girl clubs, keeps the coupon exchange up to date, every Monday she updates the Job Posting window, and she is personally responsible for our Facebook page.  There is so much more that Caroline does that is behind the scenes but which make library operations work just right!  Nancy Asbill, one of our adult pages, has been nicknamed the book whisperer.  When Caroline nor I can find specific books for holds or other purposes, Nancy is the one who manages to locate them.  She also decorates the children’s areas each season, as well “her” window.  Marcie Burnip is our other adult page.  Her artistic talents go unlauded but without them, our library would not have the clever door decorations and cartoon characters who inhabit the space.  Both Marcie and Nancy have such creative talent which should be publicly noted.

The library is not one person, but a partnership of many.  From time to time it is appropriate to publically thank those with whom one works.  I would like to applaud my colleagues who make being a librarian an enjoyable second career.  Thank you, ladies!

Yours very truly,

Miranda DiMarco

Edgefield County Public Library