Millennium Club Honors New Members

Millennium Club Honors New Members

2014-2015-Millennium-Club-Picture-for-the-NewspaperStrom Thurmond High School (STHS) recently celebrated Millennium Club Day as a way to honor the 62 members in its ranks. The STHS Millennium Club exists to recognize the efforts of students who have achieved a score of 1000 (Critical Reading plus Math) or better on the SAT or a 21 or better on the ACT.

Both the ACT and SAT remain indicators of college freshman readiness. According to the ACT, the average 2013 score in South Carolina was a 20.4. Likewise, South Carolina’s Department of Education asserts the 2013 average score for a public school senior was a 964 (Critical Reading plus Math).

SENIOR Millennium Club members are:

Antonia Adams, Sarah Alexander, Jackson Ammons, Delshawn Anderson,

Brittany Bargstedt, Andrew Barwick, Thomas Bell, Brittany Berry, Bryce Boeke, Shannon Bonczek, Tristan Bush, Shakayla Campbell, Calli Canipe, Montrez Coleman, Gabe Gibson, Garrett Gibson, Micah Goforth, Michaela Griffin, Susannah Hammond, Jequez Harris, Elizabeth Hernandez, Maggie Hightower, Cale Hoffmann,

Amanda Horton, Meg Jolly, William Lee, Olivia Love, Cambrine Mathis,

Jamarr McCain, Tucker Paul, Arturo Pineda, Morgan Reel, Grace Russ, Hannah Sexton, Noah Smith, Ben Thompson, Christa Turner, Royden Watkins, Eryn Williamson,

Daniel Wintrow, Avery Wise, Caleb Yonce, John Autrey Yonce, Taylor Yonce

JUNIOR Millennium Club members are:

Kayla Bush, Tannor Byrd, Cassidy Farrer, Mallory Fulmer, Josh Godfrey,

Alexis Gordon, Michael Green, Hunter Herrin, Geddings Jhant, Faith Lowe,

Karla Moore, Bailey Pedersen, Zach Revert, Hunter Reville, DeAndre’ Ryan,

Scott Sherman, Alana Thurmond, Pressley Wilson

Within the Millennium Club, members are additionally recognized for superior academic performance, as evidenced by lofty scores. The 1200s Club students made a 27 or better on the ACT or a 1200 or better on the SAT. The 1300s Club students made a 1300 or better on the SAT or a 29 or better on the ACT, and the 1400s Club students made a 1400 or better on the SAT or a 32 or better on the ACT.

Members of the 1200s and above Millennium Club are:

Antonia Adams, Sarah Alexander, *Brittany Berry, Bryce Boeke, *Tannor Byrd,

Gabe Gibson, Micah Goforth, *Cale Hoffmann, **Bailey Pedersen, *Arturo Pineda,

Grace Russ, *Hannah Sexton, Royden Watkins, Taylor Yonce

(*denotes 1300s Club and **denotes 1400s Club)

Strom Thurmond High School staff and faculty praise the efforts and excellence of these fine young men and women and wish them continued success in their studies.