Trenton Councils Moving Forward With Museum Idea

Trenton Councils Moving Forward With Museum Idea

– By Tiffani Ireland –

Mayor Billy Padgett told the Trenton Town Council at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting Wednesday, March 11, “We’re looking pretty good,” in regards to putting a museum in the former bank building. The mayor went on to say some items have been identified that could go into the museum but said he felt there were probably many more still out there, especially items bearing the town’s name. Mayor Padgett reminded Council that the town is not seeking donations to the museum; they merely want to provide a place for people to display their memorabilia.

As promised at their last meeting, Council gave Theresa Stover an answer to her proposal to rent the town’s gym for basketball lessons. Council voted as one to this but told Ms. Stover the town would continue to close the facility during the summer months of June-August. Ms. Stover’s trainer is to provide Council with a schedule and obtain a business license. The terms of the lease are for 1.5 hours at $25 an hour.

Council passed on second reading an ordinance to update the town’s business license. This update will not change any rates.

In their public speaking portion of the meeting, Council heard from Mike Lipscomb with the Trenton Community Development Association. He appraised Council of the association’s plans to hold a music night in the park on April 18. Lipscomb said the event “is our [the TCDA] way of giving back to the town.” Council was in agreement to support this endeavor but asked Lipscomb to check to make sure no extra insurance was needed for the event.

With no comments from Council and no further business to discuss, Council adjourned.