Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Vandalism and Assault on Watson Road

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a reported vandalism and assault at Watson Road in Trenton, Thursday, Apr. 2. According to an ECSO report, a resident of the neighborhood heard her miniature pony making “ a lot of commotion.” When she went outside to see what was happening, the resident stated she observed two black males going through a neighbor’s truck. The woman said she picked up a shovel and approached the two. One of the suspects, who had a knife, then cut the woman on her finger. The other suspect then took the shovel away from the woman and struck her in the face and back. The suspects then fled the scene in what the woman described as a “jacked up” light brown truck pulling a black trailer.

The owner of the vehicle did not observe where any items had been taken by the suspects from his vehicle. However, seatbelts, seat covers, and wires throughout the vehicle had been cut. Additionally, an amp that sat behind the seats was found sitting, undamaged, on the center console. Damage to the truck was estimated at $500.

The woman who attempted to apprehend the suspects in this case stated she did not need medical attention for her injuries. She was able to provide a brief description of the two suspects telling ECSO deputies what one was wearing a blue shirt and black pants and the other a white shirt and blue pants. The ECSO is investigating this crime.

Dog Attack on Hickory Drive

A dog being walked by his owner on Hickory Drive, Wednesday, Apr. 1, was reportedly attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull according to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report. In that report, a woman stated she was walking her black lab down the aforementioned street when a brown and white pit bull came out of a yard at 423 Hickory Drive and attacked her dog. The woman stated that she began to hit the put bull with a shovel but that it took another neighbor also hitting the pit bull with a pipe before the aggressor released the lab and returned to its yard.

A resident of 423 Hickory Drive did claim the pit bull as being her dog and said he had broken free from his collar. After the incident, the owner had again secured the dog. The dog owner was given a citation for domestic animal at large. No information was given in the report on the condition of the lab.

County Makes Payout in Satterwhite Lawsuit

Edgefield County has agreed to pay $2,500 to the family of Ernest Satterwhite after being named in a lawsuit by that family in connection with the fatal shooting of Satterwhite by a North Augusta Public Safety officer. According to a statement given by John Jervey, AIC, Claims Manager with the SC Association of Counties, Edgefield County was named in this lawsuit because County deputies were on the scene of the shooting which occurred in Edgefield County. Jervey stated the plaintiff’s attorney sued everyone present at the scene regardless of their actions. Jervey maintained “the County had no responsibility for the shooting” and called the $2,500 a “token settlement” saying that this settlement was “less than the cost to have the County dismissed [from the suit].”

Satterwhite was chased into Edgefield County on February 9, 2014, by a North Augusta Public Safety officer after the officer attempted to stop Satterwhite near the Wal-Mart in North Augusta. Satterwhite, however, fled from the officer and, according to a report filed on the incident, hit at least two other vehicles in his attempt to escape law enforcement. ECSO deputies joined the chase near Square Circle Ranch Road, and Satterwhite continued to flee until stopping at a residence in Edgefield County. Satterwhite was shot by an NAPS officer who was approaching the driver’s side of the stopped vehicle after the officer said Satterwhite tried to grab his gun. Satterwhite was transported to an area hospital where he later died.

For their role in this incident, North Augusta will be paying the Satterwhite family a reported $1,195,000. The officer who shot Satterwhite was reportedly reassigned after this incident.

Continued Issues With Dogs at Large

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to two different animal at large calls, Monday, April 6. In of the two incidents, a resident of Millcreek Drive in Clarks Hill (Edgefield County) reported that Sunday night, Apr. 5, two medium sized brown dogs chewed the fender off of his vehicle. The victim told law enforcement that dogs running loose in his neighborhood has been a problem. He requested that traps be placed in his yard to catch the animals. This incident was turned over to the Animal Control unit of the ECSO.

In the second incident, an ECSO deputy responded to the Edgefield County Hospital’s emergency room to speak with a woman who was being treated for dog bites. According to the woman, when she got out of her vehicle at a relative’s residence on Hwy 121 in Johnston, she was attacked by a grey pit bull. That dog bit the woman twice, once on the upper left thigh and once on the right hamstring, causing lacerations to those areas. Pictures were taken by the ER staff of the woman’s injuries.

While the dog was at her relative’s home, the woman stated she had not seen the dog at that location before. Law enforcement attempted to contact the relative but was unable to make contact with her. Information pertaining to this incident was forwarded to the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC).