Response to ‘S.C. and the Death Penalty’

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Robert Scott’s last narrative on the death penalty was timely. This nation is undergoing a radical change in its national culture. In spite of Biblical teachings and laws that we say are based on its teachings, human emotions lead us to execute/kill in the name of vengeance. Professions that laws are grounded in the Bible is simply to give the appearance of following God’s Word because appearance is everything! Quite frankly, as I see how Christianity is played out in our nation, I see very little following of the intent of God’s Word.

Mr. Scott is right. The death penalty has played no role in deterring those who themselves kill. If it worked, then killing would be all but absent. That individuals kill in spite of the death penalty proves that state-sanctioned killing is nothing more than a retaliatory measure because the person being executed certainly doesn’t learn a lesson. He/she’s dead! The only word that comes to mind is hypocrisy. God never delineated between government and individuals when he declared, “Thou shall not kill.” The declaration did not say, “Thou shall not kill with the following exceptions.” In other words, God declared no exceptions to this law. Once humans interpreted this teaching, who could kill and circumstances varied from state to state. Why do we? Because people have placed themselves above God’s law. People choose to interpret the statement to suit their political, emotional or personal world view. Mr. Scott infers that we are no better than those who kill if we turnaround and kill them. How sad but true!

Sameera Thurmond

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