Girlfriend Hits Boyfriend With Car After Lover’s Quarrel

Tries to Hit Two Good Samaritans

A twenty-seven year old North Augusta woman was charged with Criminal Domestic Violence of a High and Aggravated Nature, Tuesday, May 5, after she struck her boyfriend, a Johnston man, with her car. According to a report filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office on the incident, the woman and man were traveling together in a gold Nissan car when the two became involved in a lover’s quarrel. Two witnesses attested that they saw the vehicle come to a stop on Block Plant Road in Johnston and then saw a male exit the car. As the man was walking down the road, the witnesses stated that the driver of the car hit the man with her vehicle, and then tried to hit him a second time. The victim confirmed this story, telling law enforcement that due to the lover’s spat, he asked the woman to take him home, but as the argument escalated, he asked the woman to just let him out of the vehicle. The man stated that as he was walking away from the car, he heard its engine rev up and turned around to see the vehicle headed straight at him. The man said he was forced to jump onto the hood of the vehicle to avoid being run over. The two witness said they ran to the man’s aid, but as they did so, the woman attempted to hit them, too. However, they were not hit. The boyfriend was able to get up and flee the scene. He was later found at a relatives house in Johnston.

There was no indication in the ECSO report that the man needed medical attention for injuries sustained from this incident. It was noted, however, that the windshield of the vehicle was broken when the driver hit the man. Additionally, the man did not wish to press charges on the woman, but, due to the offense, the ECSO did pursue the aforementioned charges.