Five of Edgefield County Schools to Have New Leadership

Five of Edgefield County Schools to Have New Leadership

– By Tiffani Ireland –

July, 14, 2015 – The Advertiser has confirmed that five of the seven Edgefield County Schools will be under new leadership for the 2015-2016 school year. As previously reported, Josh Black will be taking up the principal’s position at Strom Thurmond High School, one of the five schools getting a new leader, next term. The other schools getting new principals include Merriwether Middle, Merriwether Elementary, Johnston Primary, and JET.

Derrick Forrest will become the new head of Merriwether Middle as Kevin Butler is leaving that position to become an Assistant Principal at Strom Thurmond. Bruce Lee will be taking over for Dr. Mendy Turner at Merriwether Elementary as Dr. Turner is leaving that post to become a Master Teacher at Douglas Elementary. Tammy Martin, currently an Assistant Principal at Johnston, will become their new leader. Debbie Courtney, an Assistant Principal at JET, will be taking the reins there from Steve Hampton who has resigned to take the principal position at Legacy Charter Middle School in Greenville County.

The Advertiser spoke with Superintendent Greg Anderson about the changes. He told The Advertiser, “We have been trying to create a system of promoting from within. This accomplishes two things. First we are rewarding those employees who have worked hard to get in a position to be promoted. Second it provides for consistent leadership across the board.” Anderson went on to say that the school district’s goal is to “create a culture of caring for the children” and that they are “trying to create dynamic teams.” Anderson stated, “We know that each child is different but we also know that each child has a purpose in life. It is up to us, as educators, to help these children find that purpose.”

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