Johnston Author to Hold Book Signing

Johnston Author to Hold Book Signing

At Tidwell Jewelers August 20, 2015

After the announcement in the Advertiser of Buck Asbill’s book Ramblin’ ‘Round being launched soon, there has been a growing interest in how to get the book and when.

Tidwell Jewelers of Johnston is holding a book signing event for Buck on Thursday, August 20, from 10:00 to Noon, in their store on Calhoun Street. Those wishing to purchase the book and to have the author sign are invited to drop by on that morning to do so.

As expected, this will be a popular book among folks of this area, a way to enjoy the ramblings of one local author through the woods, the churches, the restaurants and other such venues of this area, expounding in conversational, informal style about the people and their language and actions – those special behaviors that make the folks of this area who they are. Occasionally the subject matter diverts into technology, and its pitfalls, according to the author. As stated by one who recently read the book: “One sees through the author who we are and what we are about, all told in humor and good faith.”

The book is 311 pages, published by The Edgefield Advertiser Press and sells for $19.95. Other than Tidwell Jewelers in Johnston, The Advertiser (803-637-3540) will hold a few copies for sale, for convenience, as well as the Asbill family (cell 803-440-0224)