Southern Hospitality Had No Meaning

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your kind article in your July 29, 2015 edition chronicling our visit with the Norrises.

It started a few years ago on Flickr with a simple appreciation for each other’s photos. Both of us trying to make our love for photography into something beyond a mere hobby. We both said if possible it would be great to share a beer but I think neither of us thought that would ever be possible with Bob living in South Carolina and me living in Japan. But it did happen and we shared a time together that will last our lifetimes. A friendship formed through the computer and translated to a hug, a laugh and a clink of a glass! What a wonderful life it is!

Many thanks to the beautiful people of Edgefield, S.C! Southern hospitality had no meaning to me until I met your little town!
Rob Hirai
Shizuoka, Japan