2015 Celebration of Success – 9-28

2015 Celebration of Success – 9-28

Eight Teachers & Staff Await Selection

The Chamber of Commerce and the Edgefield Public Schools are hosting a banquet on Monday evening, Sept. 28, at Strom Thurmond High School –the 2015 Celebration of Success – to announce to the communities the Citizen of the Year and the Teacher of the Year.

The Citizen of the Year is selected through a nomination process that began in August. The Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce has a committee for choosing a winner from among the nominees proposed by the citizens of this area.

As for the Teacher of the Year, each school in the Edgefield Public School District chooses a Teacher of the Year from the eight schools, and those candidates vie for Teacher of the Year. The winner is to be announced on Monday evening. Those candidates from the eight schools are: Jennifer Bussey (Merriwether Middle School); Lalla Boatwright (Strom Thurmond High School); Lewis Burt (Strom Thurmond Career and Technology Center); Aaron Ledford (JET Middle School); Christine Newsome (Johnston Elementary); Rhonda Herlong (W.E.Parker Elementary); Melissa Cockrell (Douglas Elementary); Jennifer Brucker (Merriwether Elementary).

In recent years a third nomination has been made, the Support Staff of the Year, coming from those school staffers, outside of faculty, who contribute greatly in their jobs. Those nominations for 2015 are: Stephanie Williams (District Office); Donna Guess (STHS); Leonard Joplin (ST Career and Technology Center); Barbara White (Merriwether Elementary(; Carolyn Chamberlain (Merriwether Middle School); Janet Drumming (Douglas Elementary); Evelyn McCullough (W.E.Parker Elementary); Arrilla Dorn (Johnston Elementary); Aaron Lott (JET Middle School).