Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Theft Caught on Tape at Cross Roads Motel

A visitor from Tamassee, SC, staying at the Cross Roads Motel in Trenton became another victim of theft over the weekend, and it was all caught on tape. According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the incident, the victim arrived at the motel around midnight Sunday morning, Sept. 20, and parked his 2005 Dodge truck and utility trailer on which was a 2015 Polaris ATV in the motel’s parking lot. However, the man stated that when he awoke around 6:00 Sunday morning, he found the trailer and ATV gone.

Surveillance video captured the crime on tape and provided law enforcement with details of how this crime, and another that happened moments before, were committed. That video shows a white newer model, four door, full size Chevrolet truck entering the parking lot area of the motel around 4:55 Sunday morning. That truck is shown pulling in next to a red 1994 Honda car. A white male is seen exiting the truck and entering the Honda through the front passenger side door. The man then appears to take items from the car and place them into his truck. He then opens the trunk to the car and appears to rummage through it. Later, the man leaves the view of the camera only to reappear on tape with a trailer ball and hitch which he attached to his truck. The subject is then videoed pushing first the ATV and then the trailer across the parking lot to his vehicle where he connects the trailer to his truck and then loads the ATV onto the trailer. He is taped leaving the motel parking lot area with his stolen goods around 5:52 in the morning and relocating to the Trenton Car Wash located at the intersection of Oscar Drive and Hwy 25. Surveillance footage shows the man staying in the parking lot of the car wash for a period of time before leaving. He exited the car wash and headed in the direction of the Hwy 19 and Hwy 25 intersection. His whereabouts and actions after this point are still unknown.

The suspect in this case is described as a younger white male possibly 18-25 years of age. He is estimated to be between 5’7” and 6’ tall and has what a spokesperson with the ECSO called “very short” brown hair.

The stolen trailer is described as a black 5×8 trailer with a black toolbox attached to the front. The ATV is described as a green 2015 570 Sportsman Polaris. Law enforcement made contact with the driver of the Honda located at the motel and was able to ascertain that the thief did indeed remove items from that vehicle. Among the items taken from that car were reading and sunglasses, shot glasses, and some change. In all, the thief made off with over an estimated $10,000 worth of items from the motel theft.

The ECSO is investigating this crime. They have the surveillance footage of the motel and are seeking additional footage from nearby locations. Additionally, possible evidence was collected from the scene. Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call the ECSO at 637-5337.

Wreck Results in Road Rage

A log truck belonging to Log Creek Timber Company of Edgefield was involved in a wreck on Key Road, Thursday, Sept. 17, that resulted in a case of road rage. According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the incident, the log truck driver admitted to responding law enforcement that he was traveling too fast when he came around a curve causing his semi truck and trailer to cross the center line and strike an oncoming vehicle causing what the report described as severe damage to that vehicle. However, the driver of the semi stated that after the accident, the driver and the passenger of the damaged vehicle exited their automobile and approached his truck. The 62 year old driver stated that the two were yelling at him and attempted to physically remove him from his vehicle by force. The driver said the pair were both pulling on him in an attempt to get him out of the truck and stating that they were going to throw him off the bridge. The driver also stated that one of the men drew back his arm as if to strike him, but instead, that man backed away and grabbed a stick from the rear of the truck. The driver stated that the man began striking the cab of his semi with that stick causing damage to the truck.

The two men in the hit vehicle, Donald Richard Hullings, 48, and Connor Brennan Hullings, 21, both of Plum Branch, SC, confirmed the statement of the log truck driver to law enforcement. They stated they were upset after the accident and “lost control.” As a result of their actions, Donald was charged with Assault 3rd and malicious injury to property. Connor was charged with Assault 3rd.

The accident scene was turned over to the SC Highway Patrol for any further possible charges related to the accident.