Edgefield County Gets a New Trailer That Shakes, Thunders, and Smokes

Edgefield County has taken delivery of a new fire safety, severe weather, and earthquake preparedness trailer that will help the community better prepare and respond to emergencies and disasters.
The trailer has several features (fire safety, severe storm, and earthquake) to help members of the community learn how to prepare for and respond to an emergency or disaster.  The fire safety elements are a smoke machine, heated door and knob, simulated stovetop fire, smoke detectors, and fire alarm.  The severe weather package has lights that simulate lighting, a sound system with sounds of thunder, and the ability to simulate power failures.  The earthquake features allow for the trailer to be rocked, seat shakers, and the sounds of an earthquake striking.  In addition videos offer additional information on how to prepare for emergencies and disasters.
In addition to helping people prepare for emergencies and disasters the trailer can also be used to respond to a disaster as a mobile command unit.  It can be equipped with additional radios and response equipment, and provides an area for briefings and rehab of responders in a climate controlled area.
In July of this year Edgefield County was granted a Hazard Mitigation Grant.  This grant was made available to counties in South Carolina because of the ice storm in February 2014 that received a presidential disaster declaration.  As part of this grant program Edgefield County Emergency Management Agency will be conducting an educational campaign throughout the County over the next couple of years.  The trailer is part of this campaign.  The campaign will use both literature and audiovisual effects to help individuals learn more about being prepared for emergencies and disasters.  The trailer will travel around the county to festivals, schools, and other events upon request.  The trailer is also available for use by surrounding counties.
For more information or to book the trailer for an event contact the Edgefield County Emergency Management Agency at 803-637-2123.
Demonstrations of the trailers capabilities will be held Monday, November 16 every hour from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at the Edgefield Fire Department located at 402 Main St., Edgefield, SC 29824.