$40,000 Worth of Stolen Items Recovered

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office along with the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office recovered over $40,000 worth of stolen items from a residence at 893 West Five Notch Road in North Augusta (Edgefield County) Wednesday, Dec. 9. According to an ECSO incident report, the ACSO contacted the ECSO after the ACSO received an anonymous tip that a stolen vehicle was located at the aforementioned property. There being active warrants for two subjects known to be at the residence, the two agencies reported to the scene. Upon arrival, a gold Chevrolet truck to which was attached a camper matching the description of a camper stolen earlier in the month from Edgefield County was observed parked in front of a building behind the residence. When law enforcement exited their vehicles, an unknown subject fled the scene into some nearby woods. Several other subjects were noticed to be inside the building. They were instructed by authorities to exit the building. The five were checked for weapons during which time several unknown pills were found to be in the possession of one of the subjects.

As law enforcement personnel were detaining the five subjects, they observed several other vehicles in the area around the building. One of these vehicles was a gray Kia through the window of which was observed two sawed-off shot guns. Also observed around the building was a white Chevrolet Malibu. Dispatch was able to confirm that the Malibu was reported stolen out of Richmond County, GA. They were also able to confirm that the aforementioned camper was indeed reported stolen from Edgefield County.

The ECSOs Narcotic Division as well as the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division were called in to the assist the ECSO. An officer with the Edgefield Police Department also arrived on the scene to offer assistance.

A search warrant for the property was obtained, and in a subsequent search of the area, law enforcement recovered additional stolen property. The following is a list of the stolen items recovered: a 2012 Chevy Malibu, a 2008 Gulf camper, a 2005 Chevrolet HD2500 truck, a 1996 GMC truck, a 2002 GMC truck, a 2009 Triumph motorcycle, and a 2011 utility trailer. Additionally, when searching the 2002 GMC truck, multiple narcotics were found.

Multiple charges of possession of stolen goods and narcotic offences are being levied against the following in regards to this incidence: Thomas Devin Brock, 26, of North Augusta (Edgefield County), William Robert Parker, 40, of Ridge Spring, Marty Jvarse Williams, 22, of Trenton, Britney Nicole Busbee, 29, of North Augusta (Edgefield County), Amanda Michelle Toole, 24, of Warrenville, and Julia Lynn Clemons, 21, of Warrenville. Brock, Marty Williams, Busbee, Toole, and Clemons were arrested at the scene and transported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office where they were booked on custody holds for possession of stolen goods. All drug evidence was turned over to the narcotic division.

The ECSO is continuing to investigate this incident.