Three Auto B&Es on Diggs Road

Three automobiles were broken into at two separate locations on Diggs Road in Trenton, Thursday, Dec. 10. Two of the vehicles were located at GLEAMS Headstart and the third at Douglas Elementary. In all three instances, the victims report leaving their vehicles in the parking lots around in 7:00 in the morning as they reported for work. Upon returning to the lots later, all three reported finding windows shattered from their vehicles and purses missing. At GLEAMS, a 2012 Honda Accord and 1998 Ford Mustang were broken into. At Douglas, a 2001 Chrysler was the target of thieves. Among the items listed as missing from the purses in the three crimes were identification and credit cards as well as cash. The damage to each vehicle was estimated to be $200.

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office processed the vehicles for evidence. These cases were turned over to the investigation division of the ECSO.