Armed Robbery and Drive-by Shooting

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a drive-by shooting at 31 Jacob McKie Road, Thurs., Dec. 31, shortly after 1:30 in the morning. According to an ECSO report on the matter, as responding law enforcement was in route to the Jacob McKie location, a second call came into dispatch about shots fired on Winding Road. Deputies were then discpatched to that location as well. The victim at the Jacob McKie scene relayed to deputies that he was sitting in his house when he heard gunshots. The man said that he got onto the floor until he did not hear anymore shots. When he got up, he stated that he saw where a bullet had come through his window into his residence. Checking the perimeter of the home, deputies found where the outside of the house had been hit twice by bullets. At the Winding Road location, the victim told law enforcement that he had been robbed at gun point shortly before gun shots were fired. He stated that all he had on him at the time of the robbery was a red cell phone which he gave to the culprits. The suspects were described as being two black males and a black female. They were said to have been in a white car with black wheels. The victim further stated that the man in the backseat of the car was wearing a black hoodie and had a gun. The other male was driving. The ECSO put out a B.O.L.O. (Be On the Look Out) for a vehicle matching the description of the suspects’ car. Shortly after that alert was issued, the ECSO received notification that North Augusta Public Safety had stopped a vehicle matching the description at the Circle K on Edgefield Road. The two occupants of that vehicle, a black male and black female, were detained and questioned. However, no arrests were made. The ECSO is continuing to investigate this matter.