The Edgefield community is cordially invited to attend a historical drama titled “Black Wall Street: The American Dream Turned Nightmare” scheduled for March 20, 4:00 PM at the Etherredge Center, University of South Carolina-Aiken located at 471 University Parkway, Aiken South Carolina.

At the heart of the play is the Greenwood District of Tulsa, Oklahoma (1915-1921), where affluent Blacks were reaping the rewards of hard work and wise investments. Dubbed Black Wall Street, Greenwood boasted over 600 successful Black-owned businesses across a 35-block area. Because of Jim Crow laws, the segregated community had to depend upon one another.  This dependency not only resulted in a tight community, but also resulted in wealth acquisition as residents traded dollars hand to hand.


This original work (co-written by Mary Suber & Shannon Suber) has a cast of 45 performers who are volunteering their talents to reveal a little-known chapter of American history–the creation and destruction of the greatest economic movement ever achieved by African Americans.

The event is free to the general public, and offers ICE credit for USCA students.