Freshwater reports from DNR

Lake Thurmond

Striped and hybrid bass:  Good.  Captain William Sasser reports that striped bass seem similarly unaffected by fluctuating water conditions as the bass.  Fish bit right through the wild, running current when all of the water was running through the lake, and if anything the action seemed to excite the fish.  Right now fish are being caught all over the place on Clarks Hill, and the last few outings William has been concentrating on 25-30 feet of water off main lake points on the lower part of the lake.  Fishing down-lined live herring right on the bottom has been effective for striper and hybrids.

Lake Greenwood

Bass: Fair to good.  Muddy water can often kill a winter bite. Fish can be caught around laydowns, but the best fishing has been around rocky banks and other hard cover such as boat ramps.  The best shallow areas have been in the back of creeks and coves, probably because of annual bait migration patterns that still have the bait in the creeks. As would be expected in the muddy conditions, big white and chartreuse spinnerbaits are fishing well.  Jigs and crankbaits in highly visible colors such as chartreuse and black backs, or red, are also working well. The cold front might push fish a bit deeper, but with conditions still so muddy he doesn’t expect fish to go very deep. They might move onto slightly deeper docks but should probably stay in the same area