Golf Carts Stolen on Northside

Two incidents of golf carts being stolen from the Northside of the county were reported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Monday and Wednesday, Jan. 25 and 27, respectively.  The first report came from a resident on Plum Branch Road who found his golf cart missing Monday morning after last being seen in his yard the night before.  Evidence at the site showed where the golf cart had been pushed to Turkey Road at which point it appears the cart was loaded onto a trailer.  The stolen golf cart was reported to be worth about $900.

On Wednesday, a resident of Hwy 25 North reported that his golf cart was stolen from a shed on the property while he was gone to work.  The golf cart was reported to be a purple 4 inch lifted EZGO with a white Clemson tiger paw sticker on the front and mud tires.  It estimated worth was listed as $4,500.

A suspicious vehicle was reported to be in the area of Plum Branch Road about week prior to the thefts.  However, no suspects have been identified in these crimes.  The ECSO is continuing to investigate these cases.