Poetry Meets Pottery COUPLETS CONTEST

Submit a couplet to the Poetry Meets Pottery COUPLETS CONTEST! $100 First Prize! Come to the Edgefield County Public Library this Saturday, 10 AM-Noon, for a workshop on the rhymed couplet. There you can pick up the necessary supplies and information concerning how to submit your couplet. Contestants must be residents of Edgefield County. Couplets must be submitted on Edgefield pot cut-outs available at the County Library, at workshops, or at The Clay Studio on Buncombe St. Contact information must be written on the back of each submission. One couplet per contestant. Submit your couplet to the Clay Studio by the deadline, February 12. Poetry Meets Pottery event will be held at The Clay Studio on Saturday, February 27 at 2:30 PM. Questions? Contact me at laurel.blossom@earthlink.net. Good luck!