Trenton Approves Nuisance Ordinance

Trenton Town Council was asked to consider passing a nuisance ordinance at their first monthly meeting of 2016 held Wednesday, Jan. 13. Town Administrator Roger LeDuc presented to Council an ordinance that is modeled after Edgefield County’s nuisance ordinance but that has been modified somewhat to accommodate the town. The ordinance will address such matters as noise, properties with “junk or rubbish” in the yards, and properties with dilapidated buildings. As LeDuc explained, there is currently nothing in the town’s codes that covers such issues. Under the ordinance, citizens will be able to make a complaint which Chief of Police Deke Tanks will then investigate. If a resolution can not be found, the matter can then be taken to magistrate court. Councilman Bobby Turner voiced concerns that by enacting such an ordinance, Council might be establishing a policy that enables everyone to have something about which to complain. In response, LeDuc said that there is an appeals process, and reminded Council that the ordinance can be changed at any point if it is found to be too strict or too lenient. Turner also questioned if complaints would be limited to residents of the town, to which LeDuc responded that complaints would not necessarily need to be made by town residents. In the end, Council voted unanimously to approve the first reading of this ordinance. Before moving to comments from Council, the group was reminded that filing of Statements of Economic Interest are due by Mar. 30. Under the Council’s comments section of the meeting, inquiry was made as to the status on the Little Free Library that Council approved at their last meeting. Council was told that there had been no word from the organization in charge of the endeavor since Council’s Dec. meeting. Mayor Billy Padgett informed Council that the Town now has a new brush truck. The truck comes to the Town by way of a long term loan from Edgefield County. Before adjourning, LeDuc asked if the Apr. 13 meeting could be rescheduled. Council decided to reschedule April’s meeting to Apr. 20. With no other business to discuss, Council adjourned.

Tiffani Ireland