NWTF Announces New Position Local Beth Worth Fills the Spot

The National Wild Turkey Federation recently created a new position within the organization, Hunting Heritage Center Corporate Event Planner and Coordinator, and tapped local business woman Beth Worth to fill the spot.  Of her hiring, Ken Durham, NWTF Facilities Manager, told The Advertiser, “We’re delighted to have her.”  He went on to say that the NWTF gained a “huge asset” in Worth and said that she “hit the ground running.”

Worth, who also spoke to The Advertiser regarding her new position, said that this line of work is not so different than the work she did for over 20 years in the fashion industry where she worked with Doncaster fashions.  While not promoting the latest fashions at the NWTF, Worth is promoting and selling corporate events at the site.  For Worth, this means planning events that range from weddings to fundraisers.  One such fundraiser she is currently working on bringing to the site is a mud run.  In fact, a national organization that holds such runs contacted the NWTF about using the complex for their fundraiser.  The event, though still in the early planning stages, could potentially bring 10,000 people to Edgefield.  Worth said this interest in the facility is not unique.  “We’re bombarded with calls,” she said.  “It’s just beautiful.”

While the NWTF is bringing a lot of people to its events, Worth did say that they would like to see more locals at the site.  She reminded that shooting courses are open during weekdays as well as on weekends.  There are also multiple shooting courses at the site, and Worth said, of one course, “We’re pretty much booked every Saturday in April and May.”  Some of the upcoming events at the site include fundraisers for MDS by a fraternity at Presbyterian College, one for the JoNathan Foundation, and another for the Edgefield Downtown Development Association.  The NWTF will advertise these events as they draw nearer.

Worth was clearly excited when talking about her new job and of those with which she is working at NWTF.  She was quick to point out that promoting the site is not a one-man — or in this case, -woman — job.  She said that there are many people working to make these events a success.

Worth left a life where she was surrounded by the latest fashion trends to work for an organization where she is surrounded by hunters.  And, with hunters, obviously, come guns.  This is notable because, as Worth shared, “I’m terrified of guns.”  But, as with her job, she hit the ground running to tackle this, too.  Worth got her first gun this past Christmas.  Since that time, she says, “I don’t know what happened to me.”  Taking her new gun to shoot clays at the complex seems to have given Worth a new outlook.  “Once you hit one of those clays,” Worth said, “You’re hooked.”  Worth will no doubt use this new-found passion for shooting to help her as she sets her sights on enticing corporations to the NWTF.


Tiffani Ireland