Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I recently thought of a clever speech concept that could be used by any of the three remaining candidates in the ’16 Presidential race. As I developed the idea, I visited one of the candidate’s “Official” websites and realized it was very difficult to communicate my idea to the campaign as compared to contributing my money. As I moved down the list, the other two candidates did not readily offer the opportunity to contribute ideas either. For some strange reason I thought that the people vying to be the leader of our country would at least pay lip service to what a potential voter would think and make it very easy to communicate. I was wrong.

Here is the basic concept of the speech. Every time major change has happened in America there has been knee jerk resistance. One example is the environment. When President Nixon led the movement to limit the toxins poured into our air and water, the business community and many employed Americans were appalled that they could not conduct business as usual. After twenty to thirty years and lakes, rivers and our air becoming cleaner, anyone in our community would readily join the fight against an international battery smelting plant locating in our county’s industrial park.

Another example is national alliances. In 1942 anyone who predicted that Japan would be a major trading partner and one of America’s closest allies in the East would be ridiculed. Honda and Toyota plants employ thousands of Americans and Japan is one of our closest economic partners. Yet another example is race relations. In the 1960s much of our nation was in turmoil over race relations that were so contentious that our schools and water fountains were segregated. We now have an African American President who was elected with an African American population around seventeen percent. One last example is our diet. Even though many of us do not follow the recommendations, we now realize that eating more vegetables and grains extend our lives at least statistically although the contribution to its quality can be questioned.

America is now faced with the major issue of our day. Do we elect a democratic socialist, a narcissistic capitalist or female old school political machine prodigy? Two thirds of America will be incensed regardless of the outcome. Thirty to forty years from now society will wonder what the hoopla was all about.

Arthur Northrop