If You Were a Democrat Wanting to Challenge The Establishment

If You Were a Democrat Wanting to Challenge The Establishment

Hypothetical – if you were a Democrat, who witnessed first-hand treason which within your own party………..

If you were a Democrat, who had seen up close and personal crony capitalism benefiting both parties while holding small business owners back, and despite being a self-made billionaire you tend to get along with blue collar folks best……

If through the development of your companies, you had travelled to third world nations and over the course of decades observed their infrastructure advancements outpacing your own nations……

If after raising accomplished adult children, you began thinking about their future, and the future of your grand-kids with the effects of open borders, which your party has promoted and the GOP simply failed to live up to its principles in protecting……

If you were a Democrat who understood the 13 century struggle that Islam has had with Western Civilization- and its written goal to undermine our own miserable house from within, all while the leading Democrat for President has taken millions of dollars from those who subscribe to that ideology, and the majority of the GOP has remained quiet on the issue…..

If you were a Democrat who wanted to stop your party from destroying the nation from within, but understood the forces behind “the anointed one” had been manufactured / built for decades, and virtually impossible to overcome-

If you were a Democrat with the means, time and energy to do something about these issues, despite not being a polished politician or a perfect candidate for either side while recognizing that there were enough Americans in both parties who were outraged about the direction of their nation…….

Which party would you choose to run in?

I understand the angst on both sides of the Conservative spectrum, and honestly after spending close to three years studying nutrition, healthcare, agriculture and national security issues, I understand some of the angst Democrats have. It has caused me to reflect more on George Washington’s warning in his farewell address, against political parties.

Regardless of the outcome of the general election – Donald Trump has highlighted flaws in our system unlike any candidate in my lifetime. Ultimately we are to blame for these flaws. It is painful for some to be called on the carpet for our flaws by someone many claim not to respect. That however, doesn’t mean, in my opinion, he is incapable of leadership. He actually, in his own unique way, is leading. His bid may prove to be unsuccessful – but he will have forced us to address some issues that neither party have adequately dealt with in almost 40 years.

Ultimately, I think there is more that unites us than divides us, and I think Donald Trump believes that as well.

Scott Cooper

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