Area Crime Reports

Area Crime Reports

Strange Altercation Reported on Old Stage Road

A 19 year old man from North Augusta relayed to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office the details of a strange altercation he says occurred on Old Stage Road in Edgefield, Friday, Sept. 23.  According to a report filed with the ECSO on the incident, the young man stated that he was riding his dirt bike along the road past the church and near the second bridge when a white male described as being somewhere between 40-50 years old and wearing all camo clothing came out from the woods.  The young man said that the camo-clad man kicked him off his bike, snatched off his helmet, and placed a black pistol in his face.  The teenager stated the man then told him not to ride the bike on the road anymore.  The young man left the bike but stated that when he came back in his truck to retrieve it, he observed the other man near a pickup truck holding up the aforementioned weapon and telling him to get out of the area.

The young man told law enforcement that he did not know the man and had never seen him before.  The vehicle the man was seen near was described as being a gray older model Toyota that had a front bumper made out of metal pipes.

Law enforcement did patrol the area attempting to locate the subject but had no success in doing so.  This incident was turned over to the investigation unit of the ECSO.


Stolen Vehicle Recovered

On Sept. 9, the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office recovered a white Chrysler 300 from a wooded area near the 1200 block of Hwy 23 West after receiving information about the car being seen in the woods at different times recently.  According to a report filed with the ECSO at the time of its recovery, no one was located in or around the vehicle, and it did not come back as being listed as stolen.  It was, at that time, towed from the Hwy 23 location by Uride Autos.  However, according to a subsequent report filed with the ECSO involving the car, when the towing company later attempted to retrieve information on the vehicle, it did come back as stolen.  According to that second report, the car was reported stolen on Sept. 21 by Avis Car Rental of Atlanta after it was not returned by Ngoc Nguyen, its listed renter.  An employee with Avis advised the ECSO that Nguyen had been charged by the Atlanta Police Department with theft by deception.


Two $20,000 Trailers Reported Missing From Costa Farms

Two 53 foot box trailers, each being worth $20,000, were reported missing to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Sept. 23.  However, according to a report on the matter, the trailers have not actually been seen since 2015.  The report details how an employee with the farms was conducting an inventory of its trailers when the two trailers were discovered to be missing.  Information provided showed that the trailers were last used on May 18, 2015 and were both last seen on June 8, 2015.  Both trailers are registered to PM Transport out of Miami, FL.  Vin numbers and license plate information for both trailers was provided to the ECSO, and the trailers have been placed on NCIC.