Area Crime Reports

Area Crime Reports

Thefts of Campaign Signs Continue

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office has again been notified of stolen campaign signs.  According to reports filed with the ECSO, Sonny Reel and Kevin Beck, two of three candidates seeking election as Clerk of Court, have reported having their signs stolen.  Reports show that Reel has documented more than once thefts of several of his signs from various locations within the county.  In an ECSO report done Thursday, Sept. 1, Beck tells that two of his signs were found to be missing; one from the unpaved portion of Nicholson Road and Bettis Academy Road and the other from the paved portion of that same area.  Beck also reported that he noticed one of Reel’s campaign signs was also missing from Woodward Lake Road.

While no suspects have been identified in these incidents, if caught, the culprits could face a charge of petty larceny.  This charge carries a possible sentence of up to 30 days in jail and/or a fine.


Car Stolen From Amoco Located in Spartanburg

A car stolen from the Amoco gas station on Main Street in Edgefield has been located in Spartanburg, SC.  According to Edgefield Police Chief Ronnie Carter, who spoke to The Advertiser about the incident, the owner of the vehicle went inside Amoco, Monday afternoon, Sept. 5, and when he came out again, he car was gone.  Surveillance video showed the culprit leaving the store, getting into the car, and driving off.  The vehicle was found later in the week in Spartanburg after it was involved in a wreck that occurred after a chase in that city.  Chief Carter said on Thursday that officers with the EPD were on their way to Spartanburg to process the car for evidence.  No arrest were noted, however, at this time.


Shots Fired Near Gary Street Apartments

The Edgefield Police Department responded to a call of shots being fired near Gary Street Apartments around 8:00 in the evening, Wednesday, Sept. 7.  In an interview with The Advertiser about the incident, Edgefield Police Chief Ronnie Carter said that the shots occurred at the entrance of the apartment complex.  Carter said that witnesses’ statements explained that the driver of a vehicle came to pick his girlfriend up at the apartments and got into a fight with others at the apartment complex.  That man then fired shots into the air and left the scene.  The suspect was later located and arrested shortly after this incident at his home in Edgewood Apartments.

The 19 year old suspect is being charged with discharging a firearm within the city and simple possession of marijuana.  The EPD did recover two 9mm shell casings from the scene but have not yet located the gun used in this incident.