The Stranger’s Among Us, Part One

The Stranger’s Among Us, Part One

This week, I am going to continue my theme that most of life’s issues are non-respecter of person issues.

We face a challenge in our republic. As a culture, as a nation we are addicted to opium.  Actually, it is OPM – “Other People’s Money.”  Depending upon the industry you work in it could be called monopoly money.  Some industries might say there are two sets of books. In the case of our Federal Government, it might actually be three or more.

Sadly, this financial irresponsibility impacts each and every one of us, regardless of the industry we earn our livelihood in, the demographic of citizenry we care most about, or whether or not we as individuals pay more into the system than we receive in benefits.  All of us are impacted, thus this addiction to OPM, is a non-respecter of person issue.
When I reflect on this, I often think of The Iron Lady, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, when she stated “The trouble with socialism is, you eventually run out of other people’s money.”  It should be noted Ms. Thatcher’s parents were small business owners, and she rose in the ranks from very humble beginnings.

I will return to this article many times in the future, but specifically this week I want it to relate to last week’s article, “A Historical Perspective on 9/11” ( and the charitable movement among some individuals and groups to “Welcome The Stranger,” specifically to bring into our financially challenged republic 10’s of thousands of Islamic Refugee’s, many of whom are from civil-war torn Syria.

I have a great deal of respect for the compassion which motivates individuals to desire the humane treatment of the less fortunate, especially those who have been caught in the crosshairs of the 14 century history of Islamic extremism, which includes atrocities against millions of individual Muslims.

I believe in our republic we must have an honest discussion about the resources available for all “the strangers” which currently exist within the borders of our republic.
This week, specifically as it relates to the issue of Muslim Refugee’s, and American citizens who with great passion, emotion and tremendous intentions are calling for the resettlement of this large population into western nations, I want to bring attention to the portion of the bible which is repeatedly used as justification to “Welcome The Stranger.”  If you spend any time in social media, you will repeatedly see the reference to Matthew 25:38, as the justification for this movement.

This week, I would encourage everyone to read the entire chapter, in its full context. (

The first two parables in Matthew Chapter 25, deal with stewardship of monetary resources, and outlines consequences for irresponsibility.  The consequences for financial irresponsibility are the same for individuals, families (which is the lowest level of civil governance) and governments.

I have found, that an individual’s ability to be charitable is tied to how they succeed in the examples used in the first two parables of Matthew 25.  The more successful, the more charitable you can be.  If you fail in stewardship, you are not only incapable of “welcoming the stranger,” you face harsh consequences for poor stewardship.

Over the course of the next couple weeks I will be discussing stewardship and I’ll be listing many of “the stranger’s,” which are citizens, which currently live among us, who are currently falling through the cracks of our bankrupt system.

I hope you have a blessed week!

Scott Cooper

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