Crime Beat – October 29, 2016

Crime Beat – October 29, 2016

Woman Removed from Family Home – Neglect of a Vulnerable Adult

A seventy-four year old woman was taken into protective custody, Saturday, Oct. 18, after attempts to execute a search warrant at her place of residence revealed the woman was living in unsafe and filthy conditions.  According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the matter, deputies with the ECSO accompanied agents with the SC Attorney General’s Office to the woman’s home where she lives with family members (including at least one of her children), Saturday, to execute said warrant.  However, the report details how once they arrived, the lawmen could smell a foul odor coming from the home.  It was described in the report as being so bad that the officials had to back out and then re-enter the home.  Once inside, as they conducted the search of the home, they noted the smell of animal urine throughout the residence.  The report states that there was pet food and trash on the floor throughout the house, feces on the floor, unclean litter boxes, wires all along one floor, no floor coverings and uneven boards throughout the home, bathrooms littered with clothes and trash, sinks and toilets not cleaned, trash and dirty dishes on the counters and in the kitchen, and clutter throughout the home.  It was noted that the residence did not look as if it had been cleaned in some time.  Due to the woman being unable to care for herself, and the conditions of the home, the Department of Social Services was contacted.

Once a representative with DSS was on the scene, it was agreed that the woman be removed from the home by order of protective custody.  An ambulance was called to the scene to transport the woman to another location.

Warrants are being sought for the three family members living in the home with the woman for neglect of a vulnerable adult.  Photographic evidence was collected from the scene regarding this case, and further investigation is pending.


Stolen Vehicle Recovered – One Arrested

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office was notified by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, Friday, Oct. 17, that deputies with the ACSO were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle, described as a 2015 gray Acura RLX bearing a Georgia license plate, that they believed was headed toward Edgefield Road in Edgefield County on Rainbow Falls Road.  An ECSO report details how an ECSO officer responding to that call observed the described vehicle cross Edgefield Road from Rainbow Falls Road and go into a wooded area.  The reported further states that the ECSO deputy saw a white male wearing neon green tennis shoes run from the vehicle.  The ACSO canine unit was called to the scene, and as a perimeter was being established, a resident of Johnson Circle stepped outside her home to report a white male was behind her residence.  The fleeing suspect was then located in the woods behind the Johnson Circle home.  He complied with orders to come out of the woods and was taken into custody.

The car was confirmed as being stolen from Richmond County, Ga.  The ECSO placed a custody hold on the suspect, Darin Mikel Montgomery, 27, of Graniteville, SC, for possession of a stolen vehicle.  He was also issued a ticket for no driver’s license.


Reports of Stolen Firearms

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to two separate cases of stolen firearms, Saturday, Oct. 18.  According to reports filed, the first incident possibly occurred at a worksite on Augusta Road.  It was from here, the victim told law enforcement, that he believes his silver Smith and Wesson .38 revolver was stolen from his wife’s gold 2003 Infinity.  The gun was valued at $600.  The victim could not give a definite time as to when the theft occurred but said it had happened within the last ten days.

In the second incident, a woman detailed to law enforcement how she had placed her black/earth green GEN 4 Glock 23 .40 caliber handgun in a lockbox inside her brown 2015 Chevy Silverado.  She then stated that she took said vehicle to a local car dealership, to be left overnight, where upon she left the keys to the vehicle in a lockbox that had within it also the keys to the lockbox with the gun.  Upon retrieving her vehicle the next day from the dealership, the woman did not check to see if the gun was still located inside the lockbox.  She did then, however, take the vehicle to a tire shop in Columbia County, Ga.  The victim stated she is unsure from which location the gun could have gone missing.

The serial numbers for each of the weapons in these incidents were provided by the victims, and both guns have been listed on N.C.I.C.


A Case of Road Rage

An Edgefield County man contacted the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Thursday, Oct. 20, to report he had been involved in a road rage incident.  According to the report filed on the incident, the man stated that he was following a school bus on Hwy 19 toward Aiken County when he attempted to pass the bus.  However, the man said that he was unable to do so and, thus, pulled back into his lane.  He relayed that the vehicle behind him did the same thing and then began following his vehicle closely.  The man stated that when he was able to pass the bus, the vehicle behind did the same and then initiated their hazardous lights.  Saying that he thought he might know the vehicle, the man then pulled his vehicle over.

However, once stopped, the man said that a black male he did not know exited the other vehicle and approached his window demanding he get out of the car.  The man said that he told the driver he was sorry for whatever he had done but then noticed another subject getting out of the vehicle.  The man said that at this point he began to leave the scene.  However, as he was leaving, he said that he heard several gunshots being fired.  The man then called for law enforcement as he traveled on towards Aiken County.  He stated that once he was several miles into Aiken County, he noticed the car was no longer following him.

The vehicle in this incident was not damaged.  Law enforcement searched the area of the incident but was unable to find any shell casings.

The driver who approached the man in this incident is described as a black male with a slender build having long dreadlocks and being approximately 30 years old.  The passenger was only able to be identified as being black; no gender was ascertained.  The vehicle the two were in was described as a newer model dark blue Nissan Altima.