Letter to the Editor – Endorsing Sheriff Adell Dobey

By way of introduction, I am a retired Assistant Director with SLED and I grew up in Edgefield County. I met Sheriff Adell Dobey shortly after he was elected and I liked him from the very beginning. I have since gotten to know him personally and appreciate his service as Sheriff of Edgefield County.

I was so pleased to learn Sheriff Dobey had again offered for re-election, because I think he does an excellent job and I hope my friends in the county vote for his re-election. He is a fair-minded man who demands professionalism of himself and his staff.

If I still lived in Edgefield County I would vote for the re-election of Adell Dobey as Sheriff, but since I no longer live there, I wanted everyone to know how I feel.

Please vote for Adell Dobey for Sheriff of Edgefield County November 8th.

Steven A. Smith

Assistant Director SLED (Retired)