SCDOT Winter Storm Report

SCDOT Winter Storm Report

Statewide Summary – SCDOT continues preparation activities for Winter Storm Helena, which is predicted to begin impacting the state later this afternoon. Current forecasts show predictions from 4 to 6 inches of snow in the upstate with 1 to 3 inches expected in the midlands. Other areas of the state may see a wintry mix without significant accumulation. Crews have completed preparation of snow and ice removal equipment and have commenced pretreatment of interstates, primaries and critical areas where appropriate due to the projected forecast. Areas where the event is predicted to begin as a rain event will pretreat during the transition of the rain to snow. All upstate counties have gone to shift work this morning with the midlands counties beginning shift work this afternoon or this evening. Eight crews from District 6 have been deployed to the upstate to assist with winter weather operations. SCDOT will continue to closely monitor the forecast and adjust response plans as appropriate.

  • 234 Maintenance employees actively involved with road operations
  • 283 Tons of Salt (cumulative total)
  • 13 Tons of Sand (cumulative total) 0 Gallons of calcium chloride
  • 207625 Gallons of salt brine
  • 114 Equipment in use

The SCDOT Customer Service Center will begin operations at 8:30 AM and will be staffed continuously for the duration of the event. The Call Center phone number is (855) 467-2368.

Secretary of Transportation, Christy A. Hall encourages the public to monitor the weather forecast and make early storm preparations. Below is a link to the South Carolina Department of Transportation Winter Weather Road Conditions website.

Updates of activities will be reported through SCDOT’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.