National Wild Turkey CEO to Retire

National Wild Turkey CEO to Retire

It’s official, George Thornton is retiring this summer.  The good news is that George and Beth are staying in Edgefield.  “Beth and I have made Edgefield our home,” declared the dynamic native of Columbus, Georgia.  It was also apparent that the man who had successfully served as CEO for three corporate entities in his career considered it prudent not to suggest that his wife of 46 years be asked to give up her pottery studio.  Thank you Beth.

George Thornton’s nine years of service to the Wild Turkey Federation has proven to be a most fortunate turn of events for Edgefield.  As he steered the NTWF corporate ship to successful implementation of a “mission pivot” dedicated to Saving the Habitat/Saving the Hunt and development of a premiere outdoor education program including the much heralded Palmetto Shooting Complex, his leadership skills poured over into the local municipalities. George invited the surrounding communities to join in the journey he mapped out for the NWTF.

George’s Saving the Habitat/Saving the Hunt vision for the Federation can best be defined by his description of his two grandchildren’s visit to the farm on the South Carolina/Georgia border.  “We are currently in BB Gun and Bow and Arrow safety/operations training,” shared George.  Not only has Mr. Thornton dedicated his efforts to ensuring that lack of land access, single parent family status and alternative recreational activities do not result in the demise of outdoor interests.  He is walking the talk with his own progeny, another leadership attribute.

So, Beth and George will continue their interest in building things right here in Edgefield.  With the restoration of six houses and habitat development on three farms under their experience belt the positive effect they are currently bringing to this community will no doubt continue.

“Okay, successful CEOs don’t just fade away, I challenged, might there be another corporate leadership position in your future?”  “NO!  I just love to be on my tractor,” he said.