Public Policy Debate Should Lead to Worldview Education of Citizenry

Public Policy Debate Should Lead to Worldview Education of Citizenry

A large part of being a devout Christian is understanding the worldviews which work to undermine your faith, some which are extremely effective at using the very faith you are called to defend, in order to defeat it. Another large part of being a devout Christian is understanding history, and being able to identify those who have worked diligently to slaughter adherents of your faith – both openly and stealthy.

This past weekend we witnessed a tremendous number of protests resulting from President Trump’s Executive order to temporarily ban the Refugee Resettlement Program, as well as halt travel from several Islamic states.

All American’s should note that President Trump had already worked with numerous Middle Eastern nation-states to create safe spaces for Islamic refugee’s – so this IS NOT about NOT taking care of refugees. This IS about securing our homeland – which is an American value.  It should also be noted that these seven nation-states were the same nations the previous administration had agreed to work with, and Congress had approved, in 2011.

It is my prayer that the greatest thing that to come out of the public policy trends right now, is that now more than ever before in our lifetimes Christians are going to enthusiastically study history, their faith, and all persecution which has taken place in the Middle East, as well as worldwide.

The American Church is as divided as is the American Political Landscape.  There are groups in Social Media like “The Christian Left,” which has a huge following; however, when you attempt to engage in honest dialog, or simply ask open ended questions, you are blocked, generally after being disparaged with a wide range of names.  Very Christ-like, and clearly appreciative of our First Amendment!

I look at the protests – both this weekend and at the Women’s Rights protests the previous weekend, as well witness the blocking of open dialog by groups who scream for tolerance, and I recognize our culture has a tremendous amount of work to do.

For those who are on the side of the left leaning protests – I would ask you to begin calling on Saudi Arabia to begin the interfaith dialog for women’s rights in Mecca.  That one step alone could potentially do more to bring unity in this worldview conflict than any other step they take.

Like every other difficult time in American history, I honestly believe the American public will rise to the occasion, and in the end, be triumphant!

I hope you have a blessed week!

Scott Cooper

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