Edgefield Awaiting New Businesses

Edgefield Awaiting New Businesses

Burger King on Its Way?

Is Burger King coming to Edgefield?  No, it is not official -yet.  However, the Advertiser can report that Burger King has submitted site plans to the County’s Building and Planning Department and is submitting other documents to “all parties” in order to move forward the possibility of its locating a franchise in Edgefield.   The site in question is the empty lot across from the Edgefield Inn on Augusta Road.

While the prospect of a new fast food franchise in the County might be exciting news, it must be noted that nothing will be deemed official until the restaurant has obtained a building permit, which, at this time, it has not.

Is must also be noted that it is not unheard of for businesses to go this far into a project – submitting plans, getting price quotes – and still decide against the project in the end.  And, for anyone who has lived in Edgefield County over any length of time will attest, this is not the first time rumors that Burger King, and other fast food chains for that matter, is coming have been circulated.  However, as the Advertiser was reminded, anytime a business spends a few thousand dollars on engineering, the business is usually pretty serious.

The Advertiser will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.


Another Update on Nonna’s Italian Restaurant

Many in our readership may have noted the work trailer outside Nonna’s Italian Restaurant in Edgefield; a sign that work is being done to renovate the site into the long awaited restaurant.  The Advertiser can report that Nonna’s is now “fully permitted”.  However, the length of time it may take before the restaurant is ready to begin serving patrons could take a couple months or the better part of a year, according to our sources.  That is because a full size commercial kitchen must be installed in the building.  The project is moving forward, though, and as a building official stated, “They are good to go.”