Message From Edgefield County Republican Party

Message From Edgefield County Republican Party

We want to invite all members of the Edgefield County Republican Party to the precinct reorganization Wednesday March 22nd.  This is the meeting where every precinct will elect their own representatives to attend and vote at the County Convention on Thursday April 13th.  Those who are selected by their precinct will be casting a vote at the County Convention regarding who will represent the Edgefield County Republican Party at the State Convention in May.

It is important to send people to Columbia who you believe would do a good job.  We have had great people in the past go to the state conventions and we want to continue this tradition by sending our best to the State Convention this May.

If you want to be a delegate to the County Convention on April 13th then please attend the March 22nd meeting so that you can make your intentions known.  If you are unable to attend but would still like to be a delegate to the County Convention then please respond to this email and I will make sure that your precinct considers your nomination.  Please be aware that if you wish to be nominated by your precinct and no one shows up then there will be no way that you can be elected as a precinct representative.

Also, if you wish to attend the State Party Convention, now would be a good time to campaign for your nomination as a “Delegate to the State Convention.”  Before, during and after these meetings, you will have the opportunity to speak to those in attendance face to face and let them know why you want to represent Edgefield County at the State Convention.

Please bring your voter registration card as it is required in order to cast a valid vote.  If you are missing your voter registration card then please contact voter registration at 803 637 1072.

Thank You,
Rodney Ashcraft
ECGOP Chairman

Dates to Remember:
Precinct Reorganization Wednesday March 22nd 7 PM Sweetwater Community Center

Precinct Reorganization Makeup Thursday March 23rd 7 PM Edgefield County Council Chambers

County Convention Thursday April 13th 7:30 PM Sweetwater Community Center
State GOP Convention Saturday, May 13 Columbia, SC