Letter to the Editor — Doug Timmerman

Letter to the Editor — Doug Timmerman

Letter to the Editor,

Have you taken a stroll through Willowbrook Cemetery or East View Cemetery lately?  It is not just the birds singing or the actual coolness in the air, but there is a peacefulness and emotional aspect of being among Edgefield’s ancestors that is overwhelming.  As so famously stated by W. W. Ball, “Edgefield has had more dashing, brilliant, romantic figures, statesmen, orators, soldiers, adventurers, and daredevils, than any other county of South Carolina, if not of any rural county of America.”  So it’s truly our duty and honor as Edgefieldians to preserve our past for our future!

The Edgefield Cemetery Association has worked diligently for over 100 years at maintaining these two historic cemeteries.  We make sure that the grass is cut, the roads and pathways are clear, and try to repair damage.  Upkeep of the cemeteries is extremely costly.  Can you imagine what these two cemeteries would look like if the grass was not cut all summer?  It is not a matter of just getting on a lawn mower and zipping around – there is a lot of hand trimming involved – it is very time consuming and costly.  Both of these cemeteries are also in desperate need of restoration.  It is heartbreaking to hear and see that vandalism occurs in Edgefield’s cemeteries as it does around the country.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to commission restoration, but feel fortunate that routine maintenance is ongoing.

Do you ever wonder where the money comes from to clean up Willowbrook Cemetery and East View Cemetery?  It does not come from the government or from town funds.  So, how do we get the funds we use?  It comes through financial support of people like you.  Because of history-loving citizens, spaghetti dinner fundraisers, and civic-minded organizations and companies, we have been able to continue the yearly upkeep of the grounds.  We are extremely excited that Wells Fargo employees will be helping the Cemetery Association on Saturday, April 22nd in Willowbrook with cleanup and routine maintenance – a true example of good community stewardship.  Thank you Wells Fargo!

Would you consider helping us with a donation?  Generous donors like you are the key to our success and YOU make it possible for the Edgefield Cemetery Association to continue taking care of our past.  It will be impossible to continue the maintenance of these cemeteries without your contributions.  Your support will be greatly appreciated and will continue Edgefield’s pride in its heritage and history.

Please send your donations to:  Edgefield Cemetery Association, P O Box 523, Edgefield, SC  29824

Thank you,

Doug Timmerman

President, Edgefield Cemetery Association