Crime Beat —  May 10th, 2017

Crime Beat —  May 10th, 2017

Vehicle Break-ins at Morris Run

At least two vehicles were broken into at Morris Run in North Augusta (Edgefield County) last week.  On May 3, the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office received a report that two residents of the Morris Run area, one from the 500 block and the other from the 600 block, had awakened to find a window in the vehicles broken out.  In one of the incidents, the passenger side window was broken, and in the other, the rear passenger window was broken.  From each of these vehicles a purse containing personal information as well other miscellaneous items was stolen.  From one of the vehicles, a black and stainless steel .40 caliber Smith & Wesson firearm was also stolen.

A possible third break-in was also reported on May 3 by another resident who lives on the 600 block of Morris Run.  This resident contacted law enforcement after her husband called from work to say that he found two firearms, a Springfield Armory XDS .45 caliber black polymer semi-automatic and a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .40 caliber black polymer semi-automatic, missing from his truck.  The residents believe that the firearms were stolen from their vehicle due to the other reported break-ins that were said to have occurred in their neighborhood.

While in the area, law enforcement made contact with a resident who stated that he had found a softball bat and a helmet in his neighbor’s yard.  The items were said to have been taken from a garage left open during the night.  The bat is believed to possibly be what thieves used to break into the vehicles.

All information gathered from these crimes has been passed along to the investigation unit of the ECSO.  The ECSO is continuing to investigate these crimes.


Counterfeit Money Passed at Local Restaurant

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to Los Jarochos Taqueria in Trenton, May 5, after an employee called to report that a counterfeit $100 bill had been tendered at the restaurant.  According to the employee, a male subject placed a call-in order and gave the cashier $100 when he came to pick up his approximately $20 worth of food.  The cashier then gave the man his change and went to retrieve the man’s food.  However, when he returned with the food, the man was gone.  The employee then relocated to another business location in order to “mark” the bill.  The money was determined at that point to be counterfeit.

The subject in this case is described to be a light skinned male, possibly of mixed race.  He was described as wearing a white tank top and as having his right hand wrapped up.

Another merchant in the area confirmed seeing a man matching the description given walking behind the restaurant headed towards the Village Apartments.  Law enforcement relocated to the apartments to see if they could locate the subject but were unable to do so.

The counterfeit bill along with the receipt was confiscated from the restaurant.  The ECSO is investigating this incident.  If you know the subject in this incident or have any information pertaining to it, you are encouraged to call the ECSO at 637-5337.


Man Reported Shot by Hospital

Refuses to Cooperate with Law Enforcement

Both the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office and the Edgefield Police Department responded to the Edgefield County Hospital, May 4, after the hospital reported that a man with a gunshot wound was at the facility seeking medical attention.  There, law enforcement found 19-year-old Kentravious “Tray” Kejuan Bell, of Greenwood, suffering from two gunshot wounds.  One wound showed evidence where the bullet entered the left back area and exited the left side and the other showed where a bullet entered the left upper arm.  According to an ECSO report on the matter, Bell was uncooperative with law enforcement.  He apparently had given several different statements as to where he was when the incident occurred and as to how the incident occurred.  Bell would not provide any information related to the incident to law enforcement.

An investigator with the ECSO was called to the scene, and this case was forwarded to the investigation unit of the ECSO for further follow-up.  Bell was treated and released from the hospital.


Reported Thefts at Oak Valley Hardwood Mill

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call of reported thefts at Oak Valley Hardwood Mill on Meeting Street Road in Edgefield, May 4.  According to an ECSO report, the owner of the business stated the unknown subjects have been entering the property over the past five months stealing scrap metal.  The owner reported that on May 3, an employee of the business had seen two white males in the woods attempting to come onto the property.  The employee, however, scared the pair, and they ran back into the woods towards Hwy 378.  The owner also reported seeing two suspicious vehicles, a black Ford F150 and a grey truck, possibly a Toyota or Ford, around the area.  The owner stated that as he was leaving the property on May 4, he observed the two tucks driving slowly up and down the road.

The ECSO is placing the area on extra patrol, and the owner is to call law enforcement if any other incidents occur.