Dear Editor

Dear Editor

An Election in May 23, for the 4th district is very important to the County of Edgefield. I know off term elections have a poor turnout.  So I’m asking all citizens of the 4th District to come out and VOTE FOR WILLIE BRIGHT, re-elect a man who has made a great progressive improvement in Edgefield County. Not often do we get the chance to elect a proven county council man twice.

I don’t live in the 4th district but wish I did so I could vote for the worthiest man running.

To list all of his accomplishments would take up a lot of newspaper, so I will list some to refresh the minds of citizens and voters in the 4th district.

1-Elected to Edgefield County Council in 1985, serving as chairman from 1985-1991; helped improve Sheriff Dept. by adding deputies. Named Edgefield roads and created first zoning.

2-Establishing the Gleams Head Start Building in Trenton, S.C.

3-Started the rural fire dept. in Edgefield County, improved garbage service, new collection services were started. Started Bettis Park with many improvements.

4- 21 1/2 million dollars brought in to widen Hwy 25 to a 4 lane highway from Brightharp Rd. to Greenhouse Rd., which will definitely help our Industrial Park to grow and bring JOBS to Edgefield.

I could so on an on.. most of you who have lived here longer than myself, know his accomplishments and he has more ideas to create a better Edgefield County for all, not just district 4, but all of Edgefield County.  There is really no choice but to elect on May 23 WILLIE BRIGHT FOR EDEFIELD COUNTY COUNCIL FOR DISTRICT 4.

Thank you, Nadine Zacharie

Trenton S.C.