Crime beat — Sept 18th, 2017

Crime beat — Sept 18th, 2017

ECSO Employee Injured by Inmate

An employee with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office was injured by an inmate, Sept. 3.  According to the ECSO report on the incident, the employee was injured when she went to assist in preparing a female prisoner for transport to the hospital due to a possible seizure.  The report states that as the employee was walking the prisoner to the stretcher, the inmate began to kick and resist.  The ECSO employee was able to get the inmate on the stretcher but had to hold her there as EMS workers tried to strap her down.  During this time, the prisoner was able to free one of her arms and attacked the ECSO employee.  The prisoner allegedly grabbed the employee’s arm and dug her fingernails into it breaking the skin and causing bleeding.  The prisoner was eventually transported to the hospital where it was confirmed she had not injuries.  However, pictures were taken of the ECSO employee’s injuries, and a warrant is being sought for the prisoner for assault and battery 3rd.


Counterfeit Money in Bank Deposit

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to First Citizens Bank on Main Street in Edgefield, Sept. 6, after it was reported that the bank had received counterfeit money.  According to an ECSO report, the money was part of a deposit made by the Dollar General Store on Pine House Road in Trenton.  The bill was confiscated by law enforcement, and the case was forwarded for further investigation.


Another Report of Stolen Packages

A resident of 2 Powell Place in North Augusta (Edgefield County) reported the theft of a package to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Sept. 13.  According to the ECSO report on the matter, the resident stated that a package from Amazon had been stolen from her mailbox after its delivery.  The woman stated she had called Amazon and they told her to file a report with the sheriff’s office.  The woman stated she did know who might have taken the package whose contents were listed as being worth $20.

This theft comes on the heels of another such crime at a home on Dupriest Circle in North Augusta (see our coverage in the Sept. 13 ed.) in which the victim stated that 3 packages delivered to his home were stolen.


Break-in on Sandy Hill Court

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a break-in at the 200 block of Sandy Hill Court in North Augusta (Edgefield County), Sept. 12.  According to the ECSO report, the victim stated that 2 weeks ago he had reported a break-in at the same location in which someone had removed plywood from the rear of the building in order to gain entry.  This time the same entry method was used, and the back door was left opened.  The responding deputy cleared the property and once inside a computer tower and monitor were found left by the back door.  These were said to have originally been located in the dining room area of the property.  Upon further observation by the victim, it was determined that a total of 20 lap top computers as well as 2 computer monitors were missing.  The total worth of these items was listed as over $4,000.

The ESCO took the computer tower and monitor left by the back door to be processed for evidence.  The ECSO is continuing to investigate this matter.


Two Separate Burglaries Reported

Two separate burglaries were reported to the ECSO the beginning week of September.  The first theft was reported on Sept. 2 by an employee of Costa Layman.  The ECSO report on the matter states that the employee arrived at his office to find where someone had gained entry to it through a window.  Two desks were found to have been gone through.  From one desk nothing was taken but from the other a bag of food as well as two Fuel Man cards was taken.  The value on these cards was listed as $300 each.

No signs of forced entry were observed, and it was stated by the employee that the fuel cards can only be used at specific locations.  The scene was processed for possible evidence.

The second burglary was reported on Sept. 7 from a home on the 1100 block of Augusta Road in Trenton.  The report on this incident states that an unknown subject came onto the attached porch of the residence at this location and took a black and red 3.9 or 5.9 Honda Generator valued at $1,000.  The generator was said to be missing its 2 front legs.

The ECSO is investigating both of these crimes.