Crime beat — Oct 3rd, 2017

Crime beat — Oct 3rd, 2017

Another Generator Stolen

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office received a report of another stolen generator Sept. 24.  According to the ECSO report, after returning home from being out of town, a resident of Short Cut Road in North Augusta (Edgefield County) discovered her generator, which was kept in her garage, was missing.  The gas Champion Global generator was placed in NCIC as being stolen.

This report comes after a similar report Sept. 7 of a generator being stolen from an attached porch from a home on the 1100 block of Edgefield Road in Trenton. (Visit our site for the Sept. 19 coverage of that theft)  The ECSO is investigating both of these crimes.


Edgefield County Man Falls Victim to Scam

An Edgefield County man fell victim to a recent phone scam.  According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the incident, law enforcement was contacted by the victim Sept. 21 after he stated he was contacted by a male identifying himself as Cedric with Direct TV.  “Cedric” advised the victim that he could get HBO, Cinemax, and Starz channels for two years for $59.99 if he would only purchase an Amazon gift card in the amount of $240 and relay the numbers on the card to “Cedric”.  The victim went to CVS and purchased the card for the said amount and then called and relayed the information to “Cedric”.  However, when the victim tried to call “Cedric” back at his 888-693-5232 number he was unable to reach him.  Also, the balance on the card is now $0, and the victim has received no additional channels on his television.

This is a scam that has been in the area for some time and of which law enforcement has warned against.  Law enforcement continues to advise citizens not to answer calls from unknown numbers.  Also, never give out personal information of any kind over the phone, and never purchase cards and give the numbers to someone over the phone.  The money, once removed from the card, is gone.