Essie Nicholson Retires after 15 Years

Essie Nicholson Retires after 15 Years

Essie Nicholson, founder and director of Women in Unity, has called it quits.  After fifteen years serving as the Director of Operations and much prayer, “Mrs. Essie” (as people call her) felt that it was time to move on and allow some one else to come in and take WIU to another level.

Essie started Women in Unity over fifteen years ago in her home with six children from her neighborhood as an after-school program helping the kids with their home work.

Shortly afterward the program began to grow.  She began renting the Beaverdam Community facility.  Five years later, in 2007, the organization moved in a two bedroom house on Glover Street, Edgefield.

The resent location, 3 Pecan Park, Edgefield d, was purchased January 2013, which houses thirty-five children from Pre-K – Middle School to help these students with their home work.

Essie Nicholson has received many awards and special recognition because of her work.  She has helped hundreds of children, may of them have gone to college and some are now at Strom Thurmond High School.

As a minister, herself, she visits the hospital and the nursing home regularly.

There will be a special program in the near future honoring “Mrs. Essie” for her hard work.