Letter To The Editor- No More, It’s Enough Now

THE HORRIFIC CRISIS at a school in Parkland Florida, 17 lives lost, 15 injured. May have been preventable with Trump not cancelling Obama’s mentally disabled to get guns & Republicans supporting this action. Shame on all of you !


The lack of strong gun laws & the lack of Health Care For All killed, yesterday, 17 young people, injured 14 who will never be the same again. Like our military coming back from active war situations, the memories of what they experienced haunt them. However they are able to get the healthcare they need free, through the V.A.  Americans should have the same health care available to each & every one of us. Then doctors, teachers, religious leaders can recommend to the families of disturbed young people to get help for them. But so many Americans don’t have these great health plans like the wealthy & people in Congress — they go untreated.


Not having Health Care For All in our country, richest country in the world, we put all of our people at risk for death & harm, not just our children in schools. What about at the malls, movie theaters, drive-by’s, churches. Our troubled young people grow into more troubled adults, slipping through the cracks without being treated.


We, as Human Beings, must stand up for strong gun laws & Health Care For All in what we all call America, a Democracy.


Nadine Zacharie

Trenton, S.C. 29847