Edgefield County- A survey for local input into the branding message has been available on the Edgefield County website since March 19th and will remain available until April 13th.  A link to the survey can be found on the homepage

Edgefield County has contracted with the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor (SCNHC) team to develop a first-of-a-kind branding package for the county.  This branding project was approved by Edgefield County Council in February. The SCNHC team has begun their initial research of the county, which includes public input and feedback.

The whole package includes helping the county create a brand and recommendations for how to implement that brand, including a new county website and a social media strategy. The end result of the project will include a new logo, according to SCNHC President and CEO Michelle McCollum,.

“Edgefield County has so many unique assets, from its rich history to beautiful rural landscapes, small town charm, and outdoor adventure. A successful brand and plan moving forward will communicate why Edgefield County is so special to future tourists, residents, and potential businesses,” noted McCollum.  “We encourage people to take this opportunity to participate in the process by completing the survey.  There are only a few days left.”

“Edgefield County is growing and is on the verge of inevitable greater growth,” said Edgefield County Council Chairman Dean Campbell. “This branding initiative is one part of a strategic effort to plan ahead for that growth. The goal of this initiative is to help the Edgefield County community decide on a united identity that can both bring the various individual communities together under one Edgefield County identity as well as guide us to the future we desire. To accomplish this vision in an authentic way, it is important that that those interested in the future of Edgefield County voice their opinion on what our identity or brand should be.”

The South Carolina National Heritage Corridor is a non-profit National Heritage Area program of the National Parks Service that aids in preserving, promoting, and preserving the cultural, natural, and historic resources of South Carolina. Though the SCNHC covers a 17-county area that includes Edgefield County.  For more information on the SCNHC visit