Letter to the Editor

Thanks Hospital’s Physical Therapy Department


Dear Editor:

I am writing to you to let you know what a great job the Edgefield County Hospital Physical Therapy Department is doing with the patients, I am one of them.

The staff there consists of this fine team:

Physical therapy staff and title: Brad Swiger- physical therapist, Katie Houlk- physical therapist, Danica Moore- rehab coordinator, Wanda Mason- physical therapy aid, Christine Mealing- physical therapy assistant, Connie Parker- physical therapy assistant, Ryan Felder- physical therapy assistant, and Sheena Walker- physical therapy assistant.  I have been under their supervision and care for over a month with my left leg issues.  The leg was barely usable when I started with them and they have my leg and foot lifting properly now and they are helping me build strength in my leg and foot now.  This fine team has improved my quality of life.  I hope everyone that needs physical therapy will request our local team – they are super. In my physical therapy sessions there are folks from out of town and local with therapy and they have all told me what a great team we have. These patients have improved greatly as well.

Just want to give a little praise to a hard working team that truly care for their patients.






Judy Gibson Holmes