Why Edgefield? Why Agriculture?

Why Edgefield? Why Agriculture?


I want to say again how grateful I am to Ms. Suzanne Mims Derrick for the opportunity to provide a weekly editorial to the Edgefield Advertiser, the longest continuous running print paper in the Palmetto State. I also want to thank her for her graciousness when I need to take a break.  I took the month of July off from my weekly contribution because it is the peak time to be in the fields!


Whether I am literally in the fields, or its figurative, as I’m doing work for our farm, Misty Morning Farms, LLC or our meat company Sweetwater Grass Fattened Meats, Inc., anyone who is involved in agriculture knows the summer months are the busiest time of the year, and often can be overwhelming!


Having entered the agricultural field in my mid 40’s, after leaving the banking industry where I worked in an environmentally controlled building all day, I have a renewed understanding of why it is so important to say grace before eating a meal – and to request God “bless the hands who prepared this meal!”  This prayer should be said for those who prepare it in the kitchen, all the way to the individual who plants the seeds, or tends to the animals, in my opinion!


After studying agricultural statistics, then entering the agricultural industry, when I listen to news commentators discuss “the one percent,” as they often do, I began wishing they would speak about the one percent of Americans who produce our food supply.


Yes, it’s true – of all the naturally raised food we consume in our republic, roughly 1-percent of our American population is involved in the production.  Most of the food produced in our republic is not produced locally and, due to the 21stcentury just in time big box logistics world we live in, arrives in our region 72 – 120 hours before we consume it.  While clearly there are positive economic values to this process, there are some unintended consequences, which impacts local economies, food security, as well as nutritional health.


Now that we are selling our all naturally, hormone and steroid free raised beef and we prepare to open our market this fall, I want to share with my neighbors a 45-minute interview I did on a weekly webinar a friend of mine, Karen Miner Hurd, does titled “WomanWize.”  Karen targets the health-conscious woman, who is striving to bring all-natural products to her family for healthcare purposes.


In the interview, I share why I moved my family to Edgefield County.  A little bit about our family history here, which goes back generations.  A little bit about the partnerships we have formed since moving here, to include the Rabun Family, which live in the Clarks Hill section of the county, and most importantly, why agriculture?


I hope you will take the time to listen to this interview, and then consider calling me to set up an appointment to try some of our beef! And take note of our grand opening and pricing in an ad on page _________-.


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Click here to watch the interview – http://hscottcooper.com/why-edgefield-why-agriculture/.

Here’s wishing you a productive week!