Vision for Our Historic County

Vision for Our Historic County

By Scott Cooper

My editorial last week began by highlighting the study of geography, both macro-geography and micro-geography.  I also shared how until I began outlining a long-range plan in agriculture, there were parts of our own family farm I did not know about, even though I had visited it for over four decades.  That editorial can be found here.


The linked editorial ultimately was about thanking county leadership for the planning and execution of the Luke Bryan Concert this past weekend, where over 10,000 people entered our county, many thousands of them for the first time.  I started it the way I did, because heavy on my heart and mind is the future of Edgefield County.

Like I was unaware of the potential of some of our own family land, because I only knew the parts I had been exposed to, I believe many of us don’t understand the full potential future of Edgefield County.  In my opinion for us to reach the full potential of our county, together we will need to take a macroscopic approach to our county vs. a microscopic approach. Allow me to define and separate the two.


A macroscopic approach to human geography aims to identify large-scale patterns in observed phenomena rather than concentrating on local data, especially in the analysis of population distribution, and its relation to economic and social conditions. A microscopic approach to geographyis localized: involving or concerned with strict geographic localization.


I believe together we can accomplish a great vision for the future of our entire historic county.  A future where a rising tide lifts all boats: municipalities, non-municipal areas as well as areas which could potentially be incorporated over the next decade.  I believe that just like I was unaware of the potential of our own family farm, many of us are unaware of the potential of Edgefield County, with its proximity to the greater Central Savannah River Area.  This is especially true if we are focused on micro-geography.


Later this week, our county website post a press release announcing three opportunities for Edgefield County citizens participate in public meetings regarding the completion and implementation of our Comprehensive Plan, which is currently being revised, with the help of a professional planning company.  These meetings will also be placed on our county calendar,


I would like to encourage you to participate in one of these three important meetings.  The dates are October 22ndin Johnston, October 23rdin Edgefield and October 24thin Merriwether.  It is only necessary for you to participate one evening.  Each evening, the meetings will commence at 6:30 PM. Please be on the lookout on our county website for details.

Here’s wishing you a productive week!


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