Scrap Metal Collect Recovers Stolen Vehicle


An Edgefield County man who makes his living hauling scrap metal recently recovered a stolen vehicle. According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the incident, the Edgefield County man was contacted via Facebook by an unknown subject who advised that he had a vehicle the scrap metal hauler could pick up ASAP.  The hauler was given an address in Columbia, SC, for the vehicle’s location and went there to pick it up.  Upon arriving at the address, he found 2 subjects sitting on the vehicle, which was described as a black Crown Victoria with big rims and as sitting on blocks and having no tires.  He asked one of the people for a title to the car but was told that it was in an old purse and would be found and provided to him later.  The man took the car, and the following day attempted to take it to the scrap yard where he was told he would need the title.  The man then contacted the original unknown contact through Facebook and asked for the title.  The scrap hauler was informed the title had not been found.  Becoming suspicious, the metal collector then notified law enforcement. The vehicle’s VIN number was run, and it was determined the car had been reported stolen from Richland County, SC. The vehicle was then confiscated by law enforcement and towed away.  This case is being turned over to the Richland County Sheriff’s Office.