Weekly Edgefield crime report

Weekly Edgefield crime report

Altercation at Sertoma Club in Johnston

Multiple Shots Fired – No Reported Injuries


An altercation at the Sertoma Club on Lee Street in Johnston, Saturday night, March 9, resulted in shots being fired but no injuries according to Johnston Police Chief Lamaz Robinson, who spoke to the Advertiser regarding the incident. Robinson told the Advertiser that a group of youths were apparently having a party inside the Sertoma Club when an “altercation” took place. That incident spilled outside where shots were fired. Robinson told the Advertiser he was not on the scene after the incident but that it was his understanding that witnesses reported that those shots were fired into the air and not at any person. However, an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was on the scene and who also spoke with the Advertiser regarding this incident said that at least one witness claimed that a man was being chased from the scene and was being fired at as he ran.  The ECSO person on the scene said that it was estimated that 30 shots were fired in the area during the incident and said that approximately 10 shell casings were found in the roadway.  Both Robinson and the ECSO deputy stated that witnesses and those involved in the incident are not being cooperative with law enforcement. Robinson did reiterate that no one was shot during this incident and that, to his knowledge, there were no injuries sustained.  Robinson said that JPD is investigating this matter and that no arrests have been made yet.


Man Recipient of Counterfeit Money

An Edgefield County man reported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, March 6 that he had been given a counterfeit $100 bill as repayment for a loan. According to the ECSO report, the man to whom the victim had previously loaned $40 days before arrived to repay the loan with a folded $100 bill.  Being more than the loaned amount, the victim gave the man $60 change.  However, the transaction occurred outside in the dark, so it was not until the victim got inside and unfolded the bill that he realized something was wrong with the money; it was torn in two and had Chinese writing on the back.  The victim has turned over the counterfeit bill to the ECSO, and they are investigating this crime.


Break-in at Dupriest Circle

A resident of Dupriest Circle reported an attempted break-in at this home March 8 to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office.  According to the ECSO report, the man was at work when the attempted break-in occurred but could see, via a security camera system on his home, 3 males approaching his home and that one of those males walked onto his porch and looked inside the house.  From work, the man was able to speak through his security system to the individual on his porch and was also able to set off an alarm which caused the men to run away. While no items were taken in this attempted break-in, the man reported to law enforcement that his home had previously been broken into on Feb. 15 while he was out of town and prior to his having his security system.  At that time, $5,700 in cash, a blue bicycle, credit cards, an Apple watch, and a Samsung 7 phone were stolen.  The resident did not report that theft, however, until after this latest attempted break-in.  At least one person has possibly been identified from the security camera’s surveillance video.  The ECSO is investigating this crime.


Two Businesses in Apple Square Plaza Report Crimes to ECSO

Two businesses in Apple Square Plaza in Edgefield reported crimes to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, March 1.  CVS Pharmacy reported to the ECSO a person suspected of shoplifting.  That person was seen on surveillance video taking approximately $140 worth of makeup from the selves and going into the bathroom with the merchandise.  However, when she paid for her items after exiting the bathroom, those makeup products were not among the items she purchased.  Additionally, when the bathroom was checked after the woman left it, several empty makeup containers were found in the bathroom.  The woman maintained she did not steal the items but, instead, returned them to the shelves.  However, there was not video showing her re-shelving the items.  The woman was placed on trespass notice from the store, and evidence, including the video, was turned over to the ECSO.

The second crime reported to the ECSO came from FREDS.  The retailer reported to the ECSO that a large amount of copper wire had been taken from the store’s air conditioning unit.  It appeared that access was gained to the unit through the electrical room in the rear of the store.  However, management with FREDS was not sure when the crime actually occurred as the theft was only discovered Feb. 23 when employees attempted to turn on the a/c unit.  When it would not work, a repairman was called.  He was the one who actually alerted the store to the missing copper.

The ECSO is investigating both of these crimes.