Amateur Radio Field Day 2019

Amateur Radio Field Day 2019

Pictured left to right Jim Young, Jim Jackson, James Wegener, Suzy Spurgeon, Tony Longobardo Jr., Tony Longobardo Sr, Tony Rizi.  Not pictured Don Zupon and Melinda Zupon

9 Operators Made 184 Contacts

The Edgefield County Amateur Radio Club (WR4EC club radio call letters) with the assistance of the Edgefield County Emergency Management Agency had a successful weekend (June 22 & 23) participating in the Nation-wide Amateur Radio Field Day event. Nine operators setup, operated and broke down various radios and antennas throughout the weekend.  Switching between different modes of transmitting (voice, digital, and Morse Code), eight of the operators were able to provide 24 hours of continuous radio coverage.  The operators made 184 contacts across the country and with several countries.

Amateur Radio Field Day has provided excellent training and situational awareness among the Amateur Radio operators in Edgefield County over the past few years.  Working as a team they have become proficient in being able to set up remote sites for communications by coming up with a plan and implementing it.  They are flexible and able to adapt when the plans need to be changed due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

The citizens of Edgefield County can rest assured that if traditional forms of communications fail the Amateur Radio operators stand ready and willing to make sure vital communications will get through.

The club would like to thank the Edgefield County School District for letting them use the high school for Field Day.